Oceania is a limitless fantasy world which is based on the vast expanses of the ocean. Land is represented here as a set of separate surface and flying islands of various shapes and sizes.
From time to time new islands or even continents can appear rising from the depths of the ocean. Two neighboring races, humans and elves, actively explore new lands.
There are wars over new territory. For a more successful development people and elves create clans and guilds that build new cities and kingdoms, attack each other trying to invade other kingdoms to expand their borders.
Clans are more warlike and they try to solve everything using strength mostly, but Guilds, in contrast, develop economy evolving trade and crafting. For them It’s easier to buy and build than fight. Though they take part in combats too, often with the help of hired mercenaries. Those who are wide of global conflicts prefer having their own small patch of land for animal husbandry and growing crops and become farmers.
Fighting each other people and elves are not aware of the dark forces, the undead race, living on the dark continent…


The main feature of Oceania is the Live World, a customizable environment that allows players to make changes to the game universe and thus become, in part, its creators.
Many gamers dream of adding some new elements and objects to their favorite game so they could think of themselves as partial creators of the game. Indeed, with new additions, gameplay may become more interesting and dynamic.
In Oceania, this feature is implemented.
Users can create almost any artifact and decide whether it is available free of charge or can be bought from an NPC or at their own character’s personal shop.
Almost any player can take part in populating the game world with their own artifacts, monsters and other things as well as in creating custom locations and lands, which then may or may not be available to other players. Features: Races, Craft, PvP & PvE, Private territories, Live World (customizable environment).
The game has plenty of action and lines of play to sink one’s teeth into, various character development possibilities and much, much more.